Allied Bank Limited Financial Planning Fund

ABL Financial Planning Fund

ABL Financial Planning Fund (ABL-FPF) is based on an open-ended, fund-of-fund structure that primarily invests in ABL Stock Fund, ABL Government Securities Fund, and ABL Income Fund.

Investors who are looking for potentially high returns on investment opportunities. Its research-based asset allocation aims to provide the highest possible returns by investing primarily in the ABL Stock Fund, ABL Government Securities Fundand ABL Income Fund.

ABL Financial Planning Fund

ABL-FPF As per the risk tolerance of the investor, mainly investing in mutual funds is to earn returns on the investment as per the respective allocation plan.


Minimum investment starts from Rs. 5,000/

The minimum amount for subsequent investment is 1,000/-

Up to 100% stock market participation is available under Active Allocation Plan.

Flexibility in choosing investment projects

Exemption from Zakat on submission of relevant affidavit.

No lock-in period of investment. Encashment can be done at any time. However, the constitutional documents provide for payment of redemption amount within six working days.

Front End Load: 2%

Suitable for medium to long term investment

Access to online account statements

Call: 0800 ABL -AM (0800 225 26)