Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) Ticket Price List

About Ahmed Travels (Newshen Coaches):

Ahmad Travels (Nooshin Coaches) is a popular bus travel company in Pakistan for many years with very flexible rates compared to other travel services. Ahmad Travels provides travel experience from Lahore to Swat and Mardan, Buner, Bajaur and many more.

Ahmad Travels (Noshin Coaches) Ticket Price List 2023

Fares updated on 26 January 2023.

Here is the Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) Bus Service Ticket Price List.

From To Ticket price
Lahore Swat 2000
Lahore Mardan 2000
Lahore Founder 2000
Lahore Bajaur 2200

Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) Ticket Online Booking:

Visit Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) to book your tickets online. Bookme.pk And Bookkaru.com

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) fare from Lahore to Swat?

Ahmad Travels (Nosheen Coaches) Charge 2000 from Lahore to Swat.

How much does Ahmad Travels (Nosheen Coaches) charge from Lahore to Buner?

2000 fare from Ahmed Travels (Nosheen Coaches) Lahore to Buner.

How much does Ahmed Travels (Nosheen Coaches) charge from Lahore to Bajaur?

Ahmed Travels (Noshin Coaches) fare 2200 from Lahore to Bajaur.