9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 Lahore Board

If you are looking for 9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 Lahore Board since a long time then here you go. Get this Urdu Paper Pattern for yourself because it will come in your 9th class 2024 exams. This Urdu subject is very important. You can score maximum marks in this subject. If you want to get A+ grade in your 9th class exams then you need to follow this Urdu Paper Pattern.

What is the Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 for 9th class?

This pattern is issued by Lahore board. You will have both objective and subjective part in this Urdu subject. Your comprehension and vocabulary skills, your writing and grammar skills will be tested in this Urdu exam.

Comprehension and vocabulary section in Urdu Paper Pattern 2024

  • This Urdu exam comprises of 75 marks. You have to complete this paper in a time duration of exactly 02:30 hours.
  • The first portion of this Urdu exam consist of comprehension and too vocabulary part. The very first question consist of simple and easy 10 MCQs. You can score 10 out 10 in these MCQs for sure. Just thoroughly and completely read your Urdu book, lessons, poems and ghazals to get full marks in these MCQs.
  • Then comes the paraphrasing part! You have to simply paraphrase Poem and also Ghazal section.

9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 Lahore Board

Total 7 questions are there and you have to attempt 5 questions. 10 marks are there for this part. You should use simple words in this paraphrasing. Try to give little introduction about the poet before starting your paraphrasing.

Assessment Scheme For 9th Class 2017 Urdu Subject

  • Then you will come across with a question of paraphrasing a simple passage of your lesson. 2 questions are there and each question carry 5 marks, that means this section has a total of 10 marks. Write reference to the context, explanation of passage and meaning of the highlighted words.
  • Afterwards write short answers of 5 questions. This section has total 8 questions and its Total marks are 10. Each question has 2 marks.

Grammar and writing skills part in Urdu Paper Pattern 2024

  • The you have to attempt 5 questions related to the concepts of singular plural and masculine feminine and too word opposites.
  • A questions about and writing a main idea of the poem and summary of lesson is there. There is no choice in writing a main idea of poem age. Choice while writing a summary of lesson will be given to you.

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  • Then question of letter writing or an application writing comes! It has total marks of 10. If a letter writing comes then you shall have to write 1 letter right out of the given 2 letters.
  • Then either story writing will come or a dialogue writing shall come. This section has total 10 marks. You can write a story out of the 2 given story titles.
  • Then the last question comes with either of these correction of words or you can attempt completion of phrases.

There is 33% choice in the essay type questions. Know more about 9th Class Urdu Paper Pattern 2024 Lahore Board from here. Stay connected.